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call now: 510-404-8373

Fremont Handyman Services Done Right

a handyman replacing the cover to an overhead light fixtureIs your fix-it list so long that it trails around the corner behind you? Have you put off more work than you've finished? Are some of the items on that list jobs that you aren't quite confident enough to complete on your own. Call in the Fremont handyman team to help you handle the load. Instead of wasting your weekends trying to track down the cause of the electric short in your rec room, let the handyman handle it. We have the experience and skill to make your to-do list disappear in just a few days.

Our craftsmen are ready and able to tackle whatever fixes you need done. If you are trying something that you've never done before, you might be better off asking for a bit of guidance. Sure, you may be handy with a screwdriver, but what about electrical jobs? Are you confident that you know enough to make the repair correctly and not cross wires and cause a short that might end up burning down your house? If not, call us and we'll let you assist. You can get your fix done and learn how to do it right without having to pay extra.

What our clients say!

I bought a kick-ass home theater system but opted to install it myself. After failing to get it done for two straight weekends I called Fremont Handyman service. It was the best call I ever made. ~ Barry Heath ~

If I hadn't broken my arm playing softball a couple of weeks before my sons 5th birthday, I might have never found these guys. I needed a swingset and playhouse put together in the backyard, and I wasn't going to be able to get it done. These guys were a savior. You should have seen my sons eyes when he saw it - priceless.  ~ Mark Mays ~

They installed two doors for me, and I called them back to help with the shelving in my garage. I've called them for a couple other things since, and I'll keep calling them for more.~ Jim Doherty ~

Our Fremont Handyman Suggests Some Preventative Maintenance

our Fremont Handyman service does window installationYour home repair projects shouldn't always be a reaction to a problem. Whenever possible, it's always a good idea to invest some time and energy into preventative maintenance, to spare yourself from downtime and more costly repairs later on. Preventative maintenance, such as sealing and weatherproofing windows and doors, or adding new insulation, can reduce energy bills drastically. Whether or not you're worried about your impact on the environment, the long term benefit of lower bills is undeniable. Checking the roof for any potential leaks is another easy way to save yourself from more than a few headaches down the line. Pipe, plumbing and septic tank maintenance will help avoid some extremely unpleasant messes that can also add up entirely too fast.

If you are looking for a job to be done right, then look no further than your handyman in Fremont. You can rest assured that the job will be completed on time and under budget. With home values dropping, keeping a house maintained and fixing existing problems is one of the few ways to keep the value up as much as possible. Small remodeling jobs such as adding an extra room can also help to maintain the value of a home. Finishing an unfinished basement, or at least making it watertight, can do wonders for adding value.